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Audio Book Editing, Mixing and Mastering

Audio Books

Audio Book Editing and Mastering

You just finished recording your audio book. So what's next? Sideshow Audio Productions can help prepare your final audio files for production readiness. Just getting started? We can help make sure you are recording using the best standards of audio quality.

Audio Book Editing

As part of the audio book editing services we offer the following: The removal of plosives and clicks. Removal of unwanted room and background noise. Ensure that the audio level is uniform across the audio tracks. Make adjustments to ensure the dialogue flows smoothly and evenly.

Audio Book Mastering

As part of the mastering process, we make sure your audio book meets the standard requirements for submission. Audio book mastering services includes the following:

  • Consistent Sound and Formatting
  • Set the Volume Range
  • Set the Noise Floor
  • Break Files into Chapter Format
  • Ensure Correct Sample and Bit Rates
  • Provide Five Minute Audio Sample
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Audio Book Editing